Dreamed up by sisters, Freya and Phoebe, Adelfi is a stationery company designed in Los Angeles. Adelfi brings beauty and thoughtful design to everyday creative tools such as journals, pens, and planners. 

The Adelfi collections are inspired by the sisters’ nature-filled childhood in Northern California and mystical iconography. Freya and Phoebe pour over old books and encyclopedias, go on hikes all over LA, and visit art museums to plan each seasonal collection. 

The cornerstone of Adelfi is the artwork featured on each piece, created by Phoebe. Most designs begin as watercolors which she gradually transforms to their digital and then physical forms. Phoebe studied art history and fine arts which led her to years of work as an artist and illustrator prior to launching Adelfi. You can find her work as ‘Phoebe Paints’ on her website. Freya, who was a lawyer in her former life, is the backbone of their business. Both felt called to create something together and are thrilled to share Adelfi with the world.

Freya and Phoebe believe in the power of putting pen to paper and find writing and drawing to be transformative. These simple actions can reduce fear surrounding the future and open up new creative pathways. Adelfi aims to foster a community of writers and creators, offering instruction and workshops to demystify the blank journal.

A simple notebook is one of the last spaces that is just for ourselves. A card is a piece of communication one keeps for years. No filters, no backspaces, no mindless swiping. Adelfi is meant to help navigate and inspire. Here's to your dreams, plans, scribbles, and creativity.

We're proud to be women-owned and produce the majority of our products in the US.