Zodiac Collection: a journal prompt for each sign

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Baby, what’s your sign? We’ve come up with a journal prompt tailored specially for each sign of the zodiac. 

Whether you’re brand new to astrology or an expert chart reader, the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac represent universal traits that we can all see reflected in ourselves. Scroll down to see prompts written with a focus on the special traits of each sign. 

How to pick your prompt: There is no wrong way to pick a prompt. You may want to consider the sign we are under right now - Aries begins on March 21st, fiery and full of action. To make it more personal you can turn to your own chart (here are two websites we love that allow you to calculate your chart for free Alchemy in You and Chani Nicholas). Our sun sign and rising sign are considered the leaders of our charts. Your sun sign is the season during which you were born and your rising sign is the sign that was rising in the sky at the time you were born. Your rising sign can help explain your reasons for living and the identity you project out into the world. While your sun sign highlights your truest self or core identity. Both of these offer powerful opportunities for reflection and introspection.

Read both, read all twelve, pick whichever resonates with you in this moment and write. 

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Aries: Spring is in the air bringing with it growth and change. You are on a precipice, Aries, take a moment to reflect on where you are now with an eye towards all the places you are going.

Taurus: We often think of "creativity" as a trait or skill exclusive to artists and makers, but there are may ways to be creative. Reflect on what creativity means to you and write about how and where you can bring more creativity into your every day life. 

Gemini: As humans, community and collaboration are vital for our progress and are principles that resonate deeply with you, Gemini. Write about how your community has supported you and also how you are a supportive member of your community. 

Leo: Can you feel the sun shining? Focus on how it feels on your skin, write about everything the warmth makes you feel. And if not literally, imagine the sun shining and write about basking in it.  

Cancer: How are you feeling, Cancer? Sit quietly, close your eyes and settle into your body. Reflect on how your body feels today.

Virgo: Dear Virgo, what skills have you been honing this year as you continue to learn and grow? Is there something you can do now that you could not before that you are particularly proud of? Or maybe there is an aspect of your craft you would like to master better. Whichever it is, celebrate all you can do now as you write about honing your skills. 

Libra: Does your life feel harmonious these days? If not, what would it take for you to be in balance? Reflect on what harmony means to you and how it appears in your life. 

Scorpio: It’s time to plumb the depths of your desire. Sit for a moment and focus on your breathing. Let your breath take you inward and down. Is there anything you have not allowed yourself to admit that you deeply desire? Reflect on it.  

Capricorn: What does the word "home" mean to you? Is it a place? A feeling? Reflect on all the ways you are "home."

Sagittarius: You know that living life takes work and you're not afraid to put in that work. Where has all of your hard work in the past taken you? In what ways is your work now taking you into the future? Write about how your work makes you feel inspired.

Aquarius:  All work and no play. How does this phrase make you feel, Aquarius? And remember, it doesn’t have to be so literal. Is there any aspect of your life that is currently feeling like it’s “all work and no play?” Why?

Pisces: Focus on flow. Where does your life feel fluid, juicy? Which areas could use some lubrication? How can you focus your attention to help bring some shift wherever you are feeling stuck?  

We’d love to hear how these prompts are serving and inspiring you! Send us an email (info@adelfi.co) tag us on instagram (@adelfi.co) to share whatever comes up.

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