We're so proud to announce our collaboration with Givingli -- a digital greeting card and gift platform! Givingli offers a perfect way to stay both connected with your loved ones and safe during these days of social distancing and quarantine. Download the Givingli app to check out and share our first digital greeting cards!

We dreamed up five fun, thoughtful cards that will be featured as part of  Givingli's VirtualLove campaign. In an effort to support people during this challenging time, Givingli is offering unlimited free cards through the end of the month with code ‘VirtualLove’.

The app makes it simple and easy to send the perfect greeting and gift without making a trip to the store - you can even customize your cards with text, paint brushes, stickers, and photos! And Givingli collaborates with independent artists and brands, like Adelfi, to provide beautiful digital cards. 

Keep scrolling to see the full collection!

Adelfi Sending Good Vibes Greeting Card

Send some good vibes to your friends and family with this Adelfi digital greeting card! 

You're my lucky charm greeting card

Who's your lucky charm?  

Adelfi Thank You Card

You might recognize this one from our Rainbow Stars Thank You Card Box Set - buy it here
Adelfi Happy Birthday greeting card


P.s. keep an eye out for the physical versions of these cards, coming soon!

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